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10 Useful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

useful excel shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are awesome.

By using keyboard shortcuts, you can not only increase your speed but you can also increase your efficiency and productivity.

So today, I’ll show you my favorite keyboard shortcuts for Excel.

You can learn these shortcuts to drive your skill to next level. And, I am sure you will love each and every shortcut listed here.

So, let’s get started.

 1. Adjust Zoom In Worksheet

To adjust zoom in your worksheet, you can use Alt + W + Q + C.

This will give you a pop-up window to adjust the zoom. You can either define a custom magnification or you can use a pre-defined magnification.

Useful Excel Shortcuts Keys To Change Zoom

2. Normal Window Into Full-Screen

If want to convert your normal excel window into a full-screen distraction free window, you can use Atl + V + U.

To get back to your normal window just press ESC.

Useful Excel Shortcuts Keys for Full Screen

3. AutoSum

This is my favorite one.

You can use Alt + = to quickly sum values.

With this shortcut, you can sum upper cells and cells which are on the left side from your active cell.

Useful Excel Shortcuts Keys for Auto Sum

4. Apply Table To a Range

To convert your normal range into a formatted table use Ctrl + T. Just select any of the cells of your data & use this shortcut key.

Useful Excel Shortcuts Keys for Insert table

5. Minimize Excel Window

To minimize your currently open excel window, use Alt + Space + N. You can also use this shortcut in all Microsoft office applications.


6. Select Dependent & Precedent Cells

To select the precedent and dependent cells of your active cell, you can use Ctrl + [ & Ctrl + ] respectively.

Useful Excel Shortcuts Keys for Dependent & precedent cells

7. Insert Comment

To insert a comment in your active cell, you can use Shift + F2. This will insert a new cell comment into the cell. You can also edit your comment using this shortcut key.

Useful Excel Shortcuts Keys to insert new cell comment

8. Create Pivot Table

To insert a new pivot table, just click one of the cells for which you want to create a pivot table & use Alt + N + V (> Microsoft Excel 2010)  & Alt + N + V +T (other versions).

Useful Excel Shortcuts Keys to create pivot table

9. Change Worksheet Tab Color

Use Alt + H + O + T to change the worksheet tab color. This will give you a pop-up to select a color for the active worksheet tab.

Useful Excel Shortcuts Keys to add color to worksheet tab

Apply Flash Fill

To use flash fill, shortcut key is Ctrl + E.

Useful Excel Shortcuts Keys for flash fill

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