Zoom in – Zoom Out (Excel Shortcut)

Like other Microsoft Office applications, Excel also has the feature to zoom in and zoom out the spreadsheet. Excel allows maximum zoom in up to 400%, and zoom out up to 10% which means the user can zoom in the spreadsheet size upto max 400% level and can zoom out to up to 10%.

 Similar to other Excel features zoom-in and the zoom-out feature can be used manually or using the keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard Shortcut to Zoom in – Zoom Out in the Excel

We have provided here two keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and zoom out the spreadsheet size as mentioned below:


Ctrl + Alt + + (Plus Sign)    (For Zoom in)


Ctrl + Alt + – (Minus Sign)    (For Zoom out)


Alt → V → Z

Steps to Zoom in – Zoom Out Using Keyboard Shortcut

  1. First, open the spreadsheet which you want to zoom in or zoom out.
  2. After that, press and hold the “Ctrl + Alt” keys and then press the “+” plus sign key or “-“ minus sign key to zoom in or zoom out respectively.
  3. Or press the “Alt → V → Z” keys in sequence and you will get the “Zoom” dialog box opened.
  4. Now, select the pre-defined zoom-in option or select “Custom” to zoom in or out using the keyboard up and down arrow keys as per your requirements, and then press “Enter”.

Points to Remember

  • If you zoom in or zoom out the current spreadsheet, then Excel will only zoom in or zoom out only that spreadsheet, and other spreadsheets in that workbook will remain unchanged.
  • To zoom in or zoom out multiple spreadsheets at a time, select all the sheets/tabs and then use the zoom in or zoom out keyboard shortcut.
  • if you have a numeric keys keyboard, sometimes the “-“ minus key does not work properly from the top keys, so It is better to use the “+”  plus and “-“ minus keys from the numeric keys.