How to Calculate Cube Root in Excel (Formula)

Last Updated: December 26, 2023

- Written by Puneet

In this tutorial, you will look at all the methods that you can use to calculate the cube root of a number in Excel.

There is a function in Excel called POWER, and the second method is by using the caret operator.

Power Function for Cube Root

In the Power function, you need to specify the number for which you want to find the cube root, and for the second argument, you need to specify the power to calculate the cube root (1/3).


In the following example, we have a number (125) in cell A1, and in cell B1, we have a formula that returns a cube root of 125 as the result.


You can see that we have used 1/3 in the power argument, not 3, so that’s one thing that you need to take care of while writing this formula.

And, if you want to calculate a cube root of a number that is a negative number, you simply need to follow the same function.

Cube Root with CARET Operator (^)

With the CARET operator, you don’t need to use a function to create a formula.

  1. First, enter “=” in a cell.
  2. Then, specify the number for which you want to calculate the cube root.
  3. Next, enter the “^” caret operator.
  4. In the end, use the “(1/3)” as a power, but make sure to wrap it in parentheses.

With both methods, you cannot just calculate the cube root but also the nth root.

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