Apply Time Format (Excel Shortcut)

Last Updated: January 10, 2024

- Written by Puneet

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In Excel, many times when you work with data that has date and time as values in the cells, you might find those values in numeric decimal values or non-uniformed formats.

To make those values into a standard time format, you need to apply the time format using the quick keyboard shortcut, which will convert those values into a standard time format.

Keyboard Shortcut to Apply Time Format in the Excel

The keyboard shortcut to apply the time Format is mentioned below:

Ctrl + Shift + @

Steps to Apply Time Format Using Keyboard Shortcut

  1. First, select the cells or the column that have time as values.
  2. After that, simply press the “Ctrl + Shift + @” keys together and your values will get converted to a uniform time format.

Points to Remember

  • Numeric values without decimal places represent date only so If you have any value in numeric without decimals, it will show the time as 00:00.
  • Numeric values with decimal places represent date and time so If you have any numeric value with decimals, it will show the time in a cell but the date and time both in the formula bar.