Delete Sheet (Excel Shortcut)

As you all know workbook is a file consisting of spreadsheets to work and to capture and manage the data into it. By default, you will find three spreadsheets in the older Excel versions of 2013 and 2016 and only one sheet in Excel 2019 and other latest versions.

But users can create multiple spreadsheets within a single workbook and can also delete them whenever required. So, when users feel no need for some of the existing spreadsheets in the workbook, they can delete them to make the workbook clean.

Keyboard Shortcut to Delete Sheet in the Excel

AltHDS   (Recommended)


Steps to Delete Sheet Using Keyboard Shortcut

  1. Go to the spreadsheet or select the multiple spreadsheets tabs together if you want to delete those selected sheets in one go.
  2. After that, Press the “Alt → H → D → S” or “Alt → E → L” keys in a sequence and you will get the sheets deleted.
  3. If you will have any value in any of the selected sheets or in the single sheet which you want to delete, it will show you the pop-up to confirm the deletion and you just press enter to confirm.