VBA ScreenUpdating | How to Turn it ON and OFF

Last Updated: August 07, 2023

- Written by Puneet

What is VBA Screen Updating?

ScreenUpdating is a property in VBA that you can use to turn “ON” and “OFF” the screen updating while running the code. You can turn it off before running a code that makes your code run faster and then turn it on once the execution of the code completes. You can read and write this property.


By default, screen updating is “ON” in Excel. When you normally run a code it takes a lot of flickering if that code takes time, but if you turn OFF the screen updating it will take less time than normal to run.

Turn OFF Screen Updating in VBA

  1. First, type the keyword “Application”.
  2. After that, press a dot “.” to open the properties and methods list.
  3. Now, select “ScreenUpdating”.
  4. In the end, specify “False” to it.

Once you turn off screen updating, VBA will not turn it ON once the code is executed. So it’s always better to turn it off from your end. The code would be like something below.

Points to Consider

  • Make sure to have the screen updating “ON” when you are using a user form.
  • If you are debugging code, it is better to have a screen updating “ON” so that you can see all the activities as they are.