How to Insert a People Graph in Excel

Last Updated: June 22, 2023

- Written by Puneet

I have been always fascinated with info-graphics and story-based visuals. These kinds of things help me to tell a story with data. A pictograph is a great example of this. But apart from this, there is a chart in Excel about which most of us are not aware.

That’s called: People Graph

insert a people graph in excel

It was first introduced with Microsoft Excel 2013 to help people to create infographics. In a people graph, instead of a column, bar, or line, we have icons to present the data. And, it looks nice and professional.

Today, in this post, I’d like to share simple steps to insert a people graph in Excel and the option which we can use with it. So let’s get started.

7 Steps to Insert a People Graph in Excel

Creating a people graph in Excel is simple and easy, we just need few clicks. Here is the data table which I’m using here, you can download it from here to follow along.

data to insert a people graph in excel
  1. First of all, go to Insert Tab -> Add-Ins -> click on the small green button.
    go to insert tab to insert a people graph in excel
  2. It will insert a people graph with dummy data.
    insert a people graph in excel
  3. Now, your next step is to connect data with the chart.
    two icons to insert a people graph in excel
  4. Click on data icon and then click on select your data button.
    select your data to insert a people graph in excel
  5. Now, select the data table and click on create button.
    click on create to insert a people graph in excel
  6. The last thing is to all a title for your chart.
  7. Again click on the data icon and change the default title to the desired title.

Congratulations! Your first info-graphic is ready to tell its story. It’s a proud moment.

ready to use people graph in excel

Customization and Other Options

As I said it’s easy to insert a people graph. But, there are some customization options that can do after that.

1. Chart Type

There are 3 pre-defined charts types that we can use. Click on the setting button and select the type which you want.

change type in people graph in excel

2. Theme

We can also use different themes for our chart. There are 7 pre-defined themes that we can use. Click on the setting button and select the type which you want.

change theme in people graph in excel

3. Shape (Icon)

We can’t use a single shape for all types of data. So that’s why there are 12 different shapes from which we can select. Click on the setting button and select the shape which you want.

change icons in people graph in excel

4. Save as Image

There is an option to save it as an image. With this, we can use it further in PowerPoint, send it in an email, upload it to the web, etc.

5. More

  • When you update any value in the source data, make sure to click on the graph once to update it.
  • You can also paste it as an image in the worksheet by copy paste.


Infographics are superb in presenting data in a vivid way. And I believe that creating a people graph in Excel is really fun.

You can also use it in your dashboards and templates to give them an awesome look and for an effective way to make others understand data. I’m sure you found this graph useful and it will help you in your work.

Now tell me one thing.

Have you ever tried this before? And do you think we can use it in our dashboards?

Please share your views in the comment section, I would love to hear from you. And, don’t forget to share this charting tip with your friends.

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20 thoughts on “How to Insert a People Graph in Excel”

  1. The people graph is a great tool. Will you be able to use more than two columns to tell you story?


  2. Hi Puneet,

    How do it format the labels on the People graph. When I choose a particular type the labels for the age group I want to make it ‘ bold’. How do I do that.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Puneet
    Please do you have an idea about people graph.

    someone sent me this “I have a question regarding Microsoft People Graph and installing it for a small group of users. Looks like it trying to do centralized deployment of the app”

  4. There is a limitation of using this people graph, it is not showing the data more than 15 rows and I am unable to see the full graph even 10 rows are, it is displaying only 4 rows.

  5. How can you get the images to represent a smaller population? I am trying to represent pregnancies per 1000 and it wants to represent per 10 not per 1.

  6. In the first of the seven steps you say, “Here is the data table …”. that is NOT a data table. It is not even, formally, a table. It’s a list or a range. At best it’s a frequency distribution table.

  7. Hi Puneet,
    That’s great and useful for me the people graph. But for me the Green People graph was not highlighted.
    Please help me how to get it.


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