Gridlines in Excel (Remove, Shortcut, Print, & Change Color)


- Written by Puneet

In Excel, when you open a workbook, you can see there are gridlines (light grey color lines) that make the cells visible. In this tutorial, we are going to learn to deal with these gridlines.


Remove Gridlines in Excel

  1. You need to go to the “View Tab” in the ribbon.
  2. From there, go to the “Show” group on it.
  3. Next, there’s a gridline checkbox there.
  4. Untick the check box to remove the gridlines from the workbook.

If you want to show the gridlines back again you just need to tick the check box again, but you want to also hide and unhide gridlines from the “Page Layout” tab, under the gridlines group of options.


And there’s one more way that you can find in the Excel options. Go to the File Tab → Excel Options → Advanced → Display Options for the Worksheets → Untick the “Show Gridlines”.


Note: When you use any of the above options to remove the gridlines that will only apply to the active worksheet, not to the entire workbook. But if you want to remove or add gridlines from multiple worksheets you can select a group of a worksheet and then untick the gridline option.

Keyboard Shortcut for Gridlines in Excel

In the same way, you can hide and show gridlines to get using the following shortcut key. The following shortcut key uses the option from the “View” tab.


Print Gridlines in Excel

When you take a printout of the worksheet you won’t find the gridlines there on the print. But you activate the printing of the gridlines.

  1. Go to the “Page Layout” tab and navigate to the “Sheets Options” group.
  2. Next, you’ll find the options gridlines there.
  3. From there tick mark the second check box “Print”.

Note: Once you activate the printing of the gridlines, Excel will only print the gridlines for the used range (cells where you have content). Just like the following:


Change Gridline Color

By default, gridlines have a lite grey color, but you can change the color of gridlines from the Excel options. Go to the File Tab → Excel Options → Advanced → Display Options for the Worksheets → Select the Gridline Color.


When you change the color of the gridlines, it also changes the color of the gridlines for the printout, if you are using a color printout.

Last Updated: October 01, 2023