Apply Currency Format (Excel Shortcut)

Last Updated: January 10, 2024

- Written by Puneet

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Excel has multiple number formats and currency format is one of them. Currency format is used to add the currency symbol at the beginning of the number values. Users can choose any currency symbol they want to add.

Excel by default sets the default currency based on our system region so it can be different for users from different regions.

But the user can choose and set any currency symbol as the default currency symbol so that whenever the user applies the currency format using the keyboard shortcut, Excel will add that default currency symbol.

Keyboard Shortcut to Apply Currency Format in Excel

The keyboard shortcut to apply the currency format is mentioned below:

Ctrl + Shift + $

Steps to Apply Currency Format Using Keyboard Shortcut

  1. First, select the cell, column(s), or range of cells, where you want to apply or change the general number format to currency format.
  2. Once selected, simply press the Ctrl + Shift + $ keys together and you will get the number format converted to currency format by adding the currency symbol at the beginning of the numbers in each selected cell.

To set any other currency symbol as the default currency symbol, you need to go to the settings → language and region settings → under region settings → click on the “Additional Settings” → select the currency tab → select the currency that you want to set a default currency → click apply and ok.