Wrap Text in Google Sheets


- by Puneet

In Google Sheets, when you enter or even type something, and that text is longer than the width of the cell it overflows to the next cell (this is the default setting).

But there’s an option that you can use to apply text wrapping in Google Sheets.

Text Wrapping in Google Sheets

  1. First, select the cell or the range of cells where you want to apply the text wrap.
  2. After that, go to the menu bar and open the format options menu.
  3. Next, go to the text wrapping option.
  4. From there, select wrap to apply wrapping to the selected cell.

You can use the same steps to apply them to multiple cells or even to non-continuous cells.

Note: When you change the width of the column and make it wider than the content that you have in the cell, it also changes the text from the cell into one line.
  1. Overflow: This is the default setting that is already there, and you already have where content overflows to the next cell.
  2. Clip: This option only shows the content up to the cell’s width and hides the rest of the content.

Keyboard Shortcut for Text Wrapping

Now if you are keyboard shortcuts savvy there’s also a keyboard shortcut that you can use.

When you select the cell and press the keys:

Alt + O → W → W

(Alt + O and then press W → W)

When you press this shortcut, it opens the menu options that apply to wrap to the cell or range of cells.