Add New Sheet (Excel Shortcut)

In Excel, when we open the new workbook, we always find three worksheets in the older Excel versions (2013 and 2016) and only one sheet in Excel 2019 and the other latest versions.

Manytimes, we require to add a new worksheet in the current workbook to capture any additional data values, control tables, and so on.

For this, we can use the keyboard shortcut to add a new sheet, and a new sheet will always be added to the left of the current/selected sheet.

Keyboard Shortcut to Add New Sheet in the Excel

We have defined two keyboard shortcuts below for you to choose which suits you.

Shift + F11


Alt + Shift + F1


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Steps to Add Row(s) Using Keyboard Shortcut

  1. First of all, open the workbook.
  2. Now go to the sheet to the left to which you want to add a new sheet.
  3. After that, just press the keyboard shortcut keys Shift + F11.
  4. Or you can also use Alt + Shift + F1 and you will get the new sheet added.