Merge-Unmerge Cells (Excel Shortcut)

To merge multiple cells in a single cell you can use the shortcut keys Alt ➜ H ➜ M ➜ A. When you press this shortcut key merges all the cells but only takes the upper left value (the value you have in the first cell). It shows you a message that says, “merging cells only keeps the upper left value and discard other values”.


And when you click OK it merges all the cells


Alt ➜ H ➜ M ➜ A


If you want to unmerge cells you need to use the same shortcut keys for that. And following are some other important shortcut keys related to merging cells.

  • Alt ➜ H ➜ M ➜ A: To merge selected cells into rows.
  • Alt ➜ H ➜ M ➜ C: To merge cells and center align the value.