How to Count Greater than Zero (0) with COUNTIF in Excel (Formula)

Last Updated: December 30, 2023

- Written by Puneet

To count values that are greater than zero (0) from a list of values or a range of cells, you can simply use Excel’s COUNTIF function using greater than zero criteria. COUNTIF is part of the statistical functions.


Here we have a list of numbers ranging from -10 to 10 and you need to count the numbers which are greater than zero from this list.

  1. First, type “=COUNTIF” and start parentheses in cell C1 where we are going to get the result.
  2. Next, in the range argument specify the range (A2:A19) from which you want to count the numbers.
  3. After that, type a comma to move to the next argument.
  4. In the end, enter “>0” in the criteria argument and closing parentheses.

When you hit enter, you will get the result in cell C1. And here this formula returns 11 in the result.


COUNTIFS to Count Greater than Zero and Less than 10

And if you want to count numbers that are greater than zero or less than a 10 or any other number then you need to use the COUNTIFS function. Below is the formula that you can use:


In the above formula, as I said, you have the COUNTIFS function that allows you to refer to multiple ranges and specify multiple criteria.

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