About Me


Hi! My Name is Puneet

I am using Excel since college days. I helped thousands of people to understand the power of spreadsheets. You can find me tweeting about Excel, on running track, or sometimes hiking up a mountain. (LinkedIn - Twitter)


In 2011, I graduated from college with a commerce degree. But I have already started using Microsoft Excel in College’s computer lab. Started using functions and formulas.


In 2012, I worked for a big manufacturing company where I started using Advanced Excel with Pivot Tables, Charts, and VBA. And this was when I also started to teach Excel to others.


In 2014, I worked from Samsung as a Data Analyst, when I learned the power of spreadsheets. I was also using Excel for forecasting and stock analysis.


Finally in 2015, I started this blog to teach people which I have learned in the years. Since then, I have helped 3 million people with my blog and free Excel courses to get better at Excel.

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