Freeze Pane (Excel Shortcut)


- Written by Puneet

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In Excel, Freeze Pane is a feature used to freeze or lock the panes while scrolling anywhere in the sheet to make that freeze data visible.

When users work with huge data sets, they prefer to freeze the header or some specific rows and columns to make them visible all the time when they scroll to any part of the sheet.

With the Freeze Pane, Users can freeze the header only, the first column only, or the combination of specific rows and columns based on their requirements.

Keyboard Shortcut to Freeze Pane in the Excel

Alt WFR (Freeze header only)

AltWFC (To freeze the first column only )

AltWFF (To freeze the combination of rows and columns, or unfreeze the already frozen pane)

Steps to Freeze Pane Using Keyboard Shortcut

  1. To freeze only the header row (first row), just click anywhere in the sheet and press “Alt → W → F → R” in sequence, and your header row will freeze and will be visible all the time even when you scroll anywhere in the sheet.
  2.  If you want to scroll towards the right side and want to freeze the first column instead of the row, just click anywhere in the sheet and press “Alt → W → F → C” in sequence, and your first column will freeze.
  3. To freeze the combination of specific rows and columns, go to the cell to the left and above which column and rows you want to freeze, and then press “Alt → W → F → F” and your combination of rows and columns will get freeze together.
  4. To unfreeze the pane, just simply press “Alt → W → F → F”.

In the above image first, we went to cell C3 and then pressed Alt → W → F → F due to which the rows above that cell and columns to the left of that cell are got freeze now if we scroll down, the top two rows will be visible all the time and if we scroll towards the right the first two columns will be visible all the time.

Last Updated: January 10, 2024