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In VBA, error 400 is a runtime error which is not so common, but there are a few situations where you could face this error. This error occurs when Microsoft Excel crashes or fails while running a macro. And different reasons can make Excel crash or fails:

  • Deficient in the installation of Microsoft Excel.
  • Excel failed to read or write from a file or trying to access an object that does not exist or moved.
  • The macro that you are trying to execute is corrupt.
  • Or there could be a possibility of having a virus or malware in this system.

How to Fix VBA Error 400

It is a little tricky to fix the error 400 as it doesn’t come with any notification that what is causing it. but you can use a few ways to fix it.

  • You can debug the code and execute each line of the code 1 by 1.
  • You can shift the entire macro to a new module.
  • You can also Switch on the trusted VBA project that gives full access to the code to run.

As I said, there could be a possibility of having a virus or malware that can cause this error. So, you can also use an antivirus to scan your system and all the files that you are trying to access the macro.

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