How to Set Print Area in Google Sheets


- Written by Puneet

If you take a lot of print in your Google Sheets workbook, then you must need to know how to set print area. This setting case save you a lot of time every day for sure. Print Area in Google Sheets refers to a specific range of cells you can specify to print, excluding the rest of the worksheet.

Let’s say you have multiple data in a Google Sheets, but you only want to print data from a specific range of cell, in this case the while printing, you can use the “Selected Range” option to print that specific range.

Steps to Set Print Area in Google Sheets

Unlike other spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, which allow you to set a print area that is recalled every time you print the sheet, Google Sheets does not have a dedicated “set print area” option. But you can use these simple steps when you want to print a specific range of cell:

  • Select the cells or range that you want to print. Go to File > Print or press Ctrl + P (Cmd + P on Mac).
  • In the print settings menu, under the “Print” section, you will see an option named “Current Sheet”. Click on the dropdown menu and select “Selected cells” instead (it automatically adjusts to the range you’ve selected).
  • Click on “Next” to see a preview of your worksheet and then click on the Print to print the range.

Yes, that’s it. 

Apart from this, by selecting the cells, you can customize how they occur on the printout, like orientation (portrait or landscape), scaling (fitting to width or height), margins, and more.

Advantages of Setting Print Area – Prints only the needed content, avoiding the wastage of paper and ink. It allows different parts of the sheet to be printed for other purposes, such as reports, presentations, and data analysis.

But there’s a one major problem with Set Print Area Option…

Google Sheets does not allow you to set a print area saved with the workbook. Every time you want to print a document, you must go through the process of selecting cells and adjusting print settings, even if you want to print the same range.

Compared with Excel, you can set multiple print areas to print non-adjacent cells or ranges on one page. Google Sheets does not offer a way to do this.

And What If I want to Set Print Area from a Mobile Phone (Android and iPhone)

I am afraid this feature is not available on the mobile version of Google Sheets. Google Sheets mobile app is designed to be a lighter version of the desktop app, aiming to offer basic functionalities for editing and viewing spreadsheets on the go, and it does not provide the option to set the print area.

The only way for this to copy data from a range of cells which you want to print and then paste it in a new sheet, and then print it.

Last Updated: April 24, 2024