Select Row (Excel Shortcut)

Last Updated: January 10, 2024

- Written by Puneet

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An Excel spreadsheet is a combination of multiple rows and columns that have cells.

While working in Excel, the number of times users want to select a row for various reasons like deleting the specific row, formatting the specific row or inserting a new row above the selected row.

So, it becomes important for every Excel user to get familiar with the shortcut of selecting the row(s), and in this tutorial, we have explained the same to you.

Keyboard Shortcut to Select Row in the Excel

Shift + Space

Steps to Select the Row(s) Using Keyboard Shortcut

  • First go to any cell of the row, that you want to select.
  • After that, just press “Shift + Spacebar” and your row will get the row selected and highlighted.
  • Now if you want to delete the selected row(s), press “the “Ctrl + -“ (Minus Sign) keys, or in case you want to add the new row above the selected row press “Ctrl + +” (Plus Sign) keys or go to formatting if you want to format only that selected row.
  • To select the multiple rows adjacent rows with the selected row, press the “Shift + Down arrow” or “Shift + Up arrow” keys to select the down or above rows.

Points to Remember

  • To select the multiple non-adjacent rows, it is advised to select the rows using the mouse or using the filter option.
  • If you have multiple data sets in the current sheet, better to convert the data sets into tables because in tables “Shift + Spacebar” only selects the row within the table, and without tables, it selects the entire end-to-end row within the spreadsheet.