VBA Runtime Error (Error 1004)

- Written by Puneet


VBA Runtime Error 1004 occurs while you are executing a macro in Excel. It’s an error that can occur due to several reasons. In the below example, as you can see, when I run the code, it shows the run-time error ‘1004’. In simple words, you can also say it occurs when you can’t perform an activity with the object or the application.


In this tutorial, we will understand several other reasons for this runtime 1004 error.

Error1: VBA Run Time Error 1004: That Name is already taken. Try a different One:

As I shared above, when you try to add a sheet with the name that is already there in the workbook using a VBA code, VBA shows you a run-time error with the 1004 code.

Even when you try to rename a worksheet, you’ll get the same error from VBA.

In the above code, I tried to rename the sheet “Sheet2” with the name “Sheet1”, but as you can see, I already have the “Sheet1” in the workbook; VBA showed me the error code 1004.

To deal with this problem is to check if a sheet already exists in the workbook or not.

Error2: VBA Run Time Error 1004: Method “Range” of object’ _ Global’ failed:

As you know, you can create a named range in Excel, but when you try to refer to that named range using a VBA code, and you misspelled its name, you are likely to get the run-time error 1004 Method “Range” of object’ _ Global’ failed.

In the following example, I have a named range with the name “myRange”, but while writing the macro, I have misspelled it as “myRang” even though it’s a typing mistake; VBA is not that smart to identify this mistake, and refer to the correct named range.

There is no named range with the name that I have mentioned, and that is why it showed me the run-time error 1004.

Error3: VBA Run Time Error 1004: Select Method of Range class failed:

When you use a VBA code to select a range that is not in the active worksheet, VBA will show you the run-time error 1004. Because, if you want to select a cell or range of cells for a particular worksheet needs to be active at that point.

You cannot select a cell from sheet1 if sheet2 is active right now.

As you can see in the following example, I have made the same mistake where I’m referring to cell A1 from sheet one, but sheet2 is active.

The best way to deal with this error is to activate the sheet first and then write a line of code that selects a cell or the range from that sheet. You can also check if a sheet is active or not and then select the cell from that sheet, and if somehow that sheet is not active, you can show a message to the user to activate that sheet first.

Error4: VBA Runtime Error 1004 Activate method range class failed:

Just like the above reason, when you try to activate a cell or range of cells from a specific worksheet that is not active at the moment, we will show you runtime error 1004 (Activate method range class failed:).

In the about example when I tried to activate cell A1 in the sheet1 it gave me runtime error 1004, is the active sheet was the sheet2.

To deal with this error again you need to verify that the worksheet that you are referring to is active or not. Or you can also verify if that sheet is there in the workbook or not.

Error5: VBA Runtime Error 1004 method Sorry We couldn’t Find:

If you’re trying to open an Excel file using a path, but that workbook is not there, maybe it has been moved, deleted, or renamed. In that case, VBA will again show you a run-time error of 1004.

That’s what happened in the following example where I tried to open the file with the path from my desktop, but that file is not there, and it has shown me an error.

To deal with the situation, you can use a VBA code to verify if the file that you are referring to is there in the folder or not.

Error6: VBA Runtime Error 1004 method open of object workbooks failed:

This error is also related to the workbook. So when you try to open a workbook with the name for which a book already exists and is open at the moment, VBA will show you the run-time error 1004 (method open of object workbooks failed).

The same thing happened in the above example, where I tried to open a workbook that is already open, and VBA showed me a run time error (1004).

How to Correct VBA’s Runtime (Error 1004)

Error 1004 is a run-time error that occurs while executing a VBA code. And all the errors that we have discussed above are due to human errors while writing the code, following the points you can use to avoid the run-time error 1004.

  1. Do a step-by-step code execution to see on which line the error occurs.
  2. Make sure to verify all the names of the workbooks that you are referring to.
  3. You can also use a VBA code to verify if a workbook is already opened or not.
  4. And use the activate method to activate a worksheet before you refer to a cell or range from it.
Last Updated: July 01, 2024