How to Center a Worksheet Horizontally and Vertically in Excel

Last Updated: March 07, 2024

- Written by Puneet

When you open a worksheet in Excel, you can enter data from left to right. A worksheet is aligned left horizontally and top vertically. But you can align a worksheet data at the center horizontally and in the middle vertically.


Steps to Make a Worksheet Horizontally at the Center

  1. First, go to the page layout tab and click on the margin option drop-down.
  2. Now from the margins, click on the custom margins option. This opens the page set-up dialog box.
  3. After that, from the page set-up dialog box, tick mark center on page options (Horizontally and Vertically). The moment you do this, you’ll see, it shows you that data from the worksheet is now horizontally at the center and vertically in the middle.
  4. In the end, click OK to save these settings.

Note: If you set the print area and then change the settings to Horizontally and Vertically at Center, Excel will print using both settings.

This will not change the data you have in the worksheet, but when you make a printout (you can see it in the print preview section), it will be horizontally at the center and vertically in the middle.

Using the Print Preview Option to Make a Worksheet Horizontally at the Center

The same option can be changed from the print preview section.

  1. Go to the File Tab and click on the Print option.
  2. After that, click on the “Page Setup”.
  3. Now, click on the Margin Tab.
  4. Next, tickmark the checkboxes horizontally and vertically.
  5. In the end, click OK to save settings.

It’s the same option we used in the first method, but this is a different way to open it.

Keyboard Shortcut

If you want to make a worksheet horizontally at the center, you use a keyboard shortcut to open the page setup and then apply the settings:


When you press this shortcut key, it opens the page setup dialog box and the margin tab. From there, you can apply the setting to make your worksheet horizontally at the center and vertically in the middle.

As I said earlier when you apply these settings, it will not change the data in the worksheet but the alignment you have while printing it. You see this setting in the print preview as well.

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