Understanding an Excel Worksheet (Tips and Tutorials)


- Written by Puneet

What is a Worksheet in Excel?

In Excel, a worksheet is a collection of millions of cells where you can store data. Think of a single worksheet as a page in a notebook with hundreds of pages. In the same way, you can have multiple worksheets in a workbook (Excel File).


Max Number of Worksheets

You can insert many sheets in a workbook unless you run out of memory. I have tested by adding more than 4000 sheets in a single workbook.


You only need to know that you can only add 255 worksheets in one go. So, when adding multiple worksheets or using a VBA code, you can only add 255 worksheets in one go.

Is there any difference between a Sheet and a Worksheet?

Yes, there is a slight difference. A worksheet is one type of sheet. In Excel, when you right-click on the sheet tab and then click on Insert, you’ll see a dialog box allowing you to select the sheet you want to add.


There are four different sheets that you can insert.

  1. Worksheet
  2. Chart
  3. MS Excel 4.0 Macro
  4. MS Excel 5.0 Dialog

Below are some tutorials which will help to learn more:

Last Updated: August 10, 2023