How to Convert Time Value into Minutes in Excel (Formula)

- Written by Puneet


To convert a time in Excel into minutes, you need to multiply that value by 1440. This is the total number of minutes that we have in a single day, and Excel stores time as decimals (1 is equivalent to 24 hours). Now when you multiply a time value by the 1440 minutes, it returns the number of minutes according to that time.


Formula to Convert Time to Minutes

You can use the below steps:

  1. First, enter the equal to operator.
  2. Next, refer to the cell where you have the time value.
  3. Now, enter the asterisk to multiply.
  4. After that, enter 1440.
  5. In the end, hit enter to get the result.

Once you enter the above formula in a cell you need to have the cell format as “General“, so that you can have the total minutes as a number in the cell.


Convert Total Time into Minutes

If you have a time value that is the total of multiple time values, you can still use this formula.


In cell A3, we have the sum and in cell A5, we have entered the same formula to get the total minutes from the time value.


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Last Updated: December 01, 2023

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