Transpose (Excel Keyboard Shortcut)


- Written by Puneet

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Transpose is a feature in Excel that helps to transpose the data from rows to columns and vice-versa. If you work with data, you often need to transpose the data from rows to columns or columns to rows, and for this, the best way is to use the transpose keyboard shortcut option.

There are multiple ways to transpose the data but, in this tutorial, we have explained the two ways using the transpose keyboard shortcuts to transpose the data.

Keyboard Shortcut to Transpose the Data in the Excel

For Windows: AltHVT 

Ctrl + Alt + V and then, E → Enter (for transposing including the formatting of the cell). Ctrl + Alt + V and then, E → V → Enter (For transposing the data in values only)

For Mac: Cmd + Option + VE

How to use Transpose Keyboard Shortcut in Excel

  1. First select the data, which you want to transpose and then press the “Ctrl + C” keys to copy the selected data.
  2. After that, go to the cell, where you want to transpose the copied data, and then press the “Alt → H → V → T” keys in sequence and your data will get pasted as transpose.
  3. Or, press the “Ctrl + Alt + V” keys and you will get the “Paste Special” dialog box opened.
  4. Now, press “E” to checkmark the “Transpose” option and then press the “Enter” key. (If you want to transpose the data as values only,  press “V” after pressing “E” and then press “Enter”)
Last Updated: May 11, 2024