How to Insert Diameter Symbol in Excel

- Written by Puneet


Diameter symbol [Ø] is also known as “O with stroke” or “Slashed O” because it has a forward slash running over it.

Keyboard does not have this symbol key on it to directly insert it but in Excel, there are many ways to add this symbol into the cell.

And in this tutorial, we will show that ways of inserting the same into the cells.

Insert Diameter Symbol from Symbol Dialog Box

  1. First select the cell, where you want to insert the “Diameter” symbol and then go to the “Insert” tab.
  2. After that, click on the “Symbol” icon under the “Symbols” group in the ribbon to open the symbol dialog box.
  3. Within the symbol dialog box, select the “Font” field as “Calibri” and then choose “ASCII (decimal)” within the “from” field.
  4. Now, scroll down bit from the right-side scroll bar and select the “Diameter” symbol and then click on “Insert” button to insert it.
  5. Once inserted, click on “Close” button to close the dialog box.

Note: you have to click on “Insert” button multiple times if want to insert the “Diameter” symbol multiple times within a cell.


Insert Diameter Symbol Using AutoCorrect in Excel

If you are frequent user of the “Diameter” symbol, then this “Auto Correct” method could be super-fast.

  1. First, go to the “File” tab in the ribbon and then click on “Options” and you will get the “Excel Options” dialog box opened.
  2. After that, click on “Proofing” from the left side panel and then click on “AutoCorrect Options”.
  3. Now, to replace any word with the “Diameter” symbol, enter that word within the “Replace” input bar and the “Diameter” symbol using “Alt +227” keys within the “With” input bar.
  4. Once done, click OK to save it.

As we have used the word “Dia” to replace it with “Diameter” symbol so now onwards, the moment you will enter “Dia” word within the cell, it will get converted into “Diameter” symbol.

Insert Diameter Symbol Using CHAR Function

You have to go the cell where you want to insert it and type the “CHAR” formula with the code “0216” or “216”.


Insert Diameter Symbol Using Alt Key

The below written method using the “ALT” key to insert this symbol only works if your keyboard has “Numeric” keypad on it.

  1. First, go to the cell.
  2. After that, press and hold the “Alt” key and then press “0216” number from the number keypad only.
  3. Now release the “Alt” key and the symbol will get added within the cell.


  • For Mac users, simply press “Option + Shift + 0” shortcut keys to insert the “Diameter” symbol within the spreadsheet.
  • To insert or copy the symbol into multiple cells, simply use the copy and paste option or click on the “Fill handle” and drag and drop the cell.
Last Updated: October 01, 2023