Absolute Reference (Excel Shortcut)


- Written by Puneet

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Keyboard Shortcut for Absolute Reference

The keyboard shortcut to make the relative cell reference to the absolute cell reference is below:



Fn + F4

Absolute reference refers to the cell reference that does not move by copying and moving the formula.

In Excel, whenever you use any cell references in the formula, Excel moves the cell references with the copy or move of the formula to another cell and those references are called the relative reference.

But sometimes users want to fix or lock the cell references used in the formula even if the formula gets copied or moved to another cell and for this user can change the relative reference to the absolute reference.

Steps to Convert Reference to Absolute Reference Using Keyboard Shortcut

As absolute reference users can lock the specific cell reference or column or row only reference.

  • First, enter the formula and then select the cell reference that you want to make as absolute, and then press the Fn + F4 shortcut keys.
  • Once you press Fn + F4, Excel will add the ($) Dollar sign at the beginning of column and row to make that selected cell reference (combination of row and column) absolute.
  • Now, even if you move or copy the formula anywhere in the sheet, your “E3” cell reference as per the below example will not change or move at all.
absolute- rerefence

Points to Remember

  • In case, to lock the cell reference (combination of row and column), where the referred cell will not move press Fn + F4 only once.
  • To lock only the row reference means the column will move but referred row in the formula remains locked press Fn + F4 twice.
  • To lock the column reference only means the row will move with the move of the formula to another row but the column will not move, press Fn + F4 thrice.
  • To refer again to relative reference press Fn + F4 four times.
Last Updated: February 21, 2024