82 Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel YOU Need + (PDF Cheat Sheet)

Written by Puneet for Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019

Knowing and using Keyboard Shortcuts while using Excel is one of those Basic Excel Skills that can help you save a ton of time every day. There are more than 500 keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Excel but the problem is not all of those can be helpful for you.

That’s why I have listed only the 82 most important keyboard shortcuts that you can learn and use easily. If somehow you are not able to find a keyboard shortcut for the option that you use frequently in your work, you can use the following method to find it.

Here’s the tip: When you press the ALT‌ key Excel shows you the keys that you can use to open the tab from the ribbon.

And when you press a key for a particular tab to open it further shows you the keys to open the options that you have on that tab, so one for further drop-downs.

Super Tips

  • Replace your 10 most used options with shortcuts.
  • Make your fingers learn the shortcut keys.

Download the Cheat Sheet (PDF)

1. Navigation

S No:DescriptionShortcut Keys
1Move UpCtrl +
2Move DownCtrl +
3Move RightCtrl +
4Move LeftCtrl +

2. Basic Operations

S NoDescriptionShortcut Keys
1CopyCtrl + C
2PasteCtrl + V
3CutCtrl + X
4SaveCtrl + S
5Print PreviewCtrl + P
6Save AsCtrl + F4
7UndoCtrl + Z
8RedoCtrl + Y

3. Range

S NoDescriptionShortcut Keys
1Select AllCtrl + A
2Select Entire ColumnCtrl + Space
3Select Entire RowShift + Space
5Edit a CellF2
6Close Edit MoreEsc

4. Options

S NoDescriptionShortcut Keys
1Open HelpF1
2Right Click MenuMenu Button
3Conditional FormattingAltHLN
4Apply TableCtrl + T
5Cell StyleAltHJ
6Insert a Pivot TableAltNV
7Appy an Excel table to the DataAltNT
8Name ManagerAltMN
9Add FiltersAltDFF
10Insert Data ValidationAltAVV
11Remove DuplicatesAltAM
12Refresh AllAltARA
13Open Text to ColumnAltAE
14Group Rows and ColumnsAltAG
15Ungroup Rows and ColumnsAltAU
16Add SubtotalAltAB
17Open SortAltASS

5. Formatting

S NoDescriptionShortcut Keys
1BoldCtrl + B
2ItalicCtrl + I
3UnderlineCtrl + U
4Open Format OptionCtrl + !
5Apply Time FormatCtrl + Shift + @
6Apply Date FormatCtrl + Shift + #
7Apply Currency FormatCtrl + Shift + $
8Apply Percentage FormatCtrl + Shift + %
9Adjust Cell Width to Cell ContentAltHOI
10Apply BorderAltHBA
11Change Font ColorAltHFC
12Change Cell ColorAltHH
13Align Text to the CenterAltHAC
14Merge CellAltHMC
15Wrap TextAltHW
16Change Font StyleAltHFF
17Change Font SizeAltHFS

6. Insert

S NoDescriptionShortcut Keys
1Insert a PictureAltNP
2Insert a ShapeAltNSH
3Insert ChartsAltNSC
4Insert a HyperlinkAltNI
5Insert Text BoxAltNX
6Insert ObjectAltNJ
7Insert SymbolAltNU
8Insert a Header & FooterAltNH
9Open SparklinesAltNZK

7. View

S NoDescriptionShortcut Keys
1Hide/Unhide Formula BarAltWVF
2Hide/Unhide HeadingAltWVH
3Hide/Unhide GridlinesAltWVG
4Change ZoomAltWQC
5Freeze PaneAltWFF
6Page Break ViewAltWI
7Custom ViewAltWFC
8Page Layout ViewAltWFP
9Arrange WindowsAltWA

8. Functions

S NoDescriptionShortcut Keys
1Insert FunctionShift + F3
2Recently Used FunctionsAltMR
3Financial FunctionsAltMI
4Logical FunctionsAltML
5Text FunctionsAltMT
6Date and Time FunctionsAltME
7Lookup FunctionsAltMO
8Math and Trig FunctionsAltMG
9More FunctionsAltMQ
10Auto SumAlt + =

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Written by Puneet