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Written by Puneet for Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019

Knowing and using Keyboard Shortcuts while using Excel is one of those Basic Excel Skills that can help you save a ton of time every day. There are more than 500 keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Excel but the problem is not all of those can be helpful for you.

That’s why I have listed only the 82 most important keyboard shortcuts that you can learn and use easily. If somehow you are not able to find a keyboard shortcut for the option that you use frequently in your work, you can use the following method to find it.

Here’s the tip: When you press the ALT‌ key Excel shows you the keys that you can use to open the tab from the ribbon.

And when you press a key for a particular tab to open it further shows you the keys to open the options that you have on that tab, so one for further drop-downs.

Super Tips

  • Replace your 10 most used options with shortcuts.
  • Make your fingers learn the shortcut keys.

Download the Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Basic Keys

Control + Up Arrowmove to the top end
Control + Down Arrowmove to the down end
Control + Right Arrowmove to the right end
Control + Left Arrowmove to the left end
Control + Ccopy
Control + Vpaste
Control + Xcut
Control + Ssave
Control + Pprint
Control + F4save as
Control + Zundo the last action
Control + Yredo the last action
Control + Aselect all
Control + Spacebarselect entire column
Shift + Spacebarselect entire row
F2edit cell
Escclose edit mode
Menu Buttonright-click menu

Formatting Keys

Ctrl + Bbold
Ctrl + Iitalic
Ctrl + Uunderline
Ctrl + !open format menu
Ctrl + Shift + @format as time value
Ctrl + Shift + #format as a date
Ctrl + Shift + $format as currency
Ctrl + Shift + %format as percentage
Alt → H → O → I / Aadjust cell width to content
Alt → H → B → Aapply border
Alt H F Cchange font color
Alt H Hchange cell color
Alt H A Calign text to the center
Alt H M Cmerge cell
Alt H Wwrap text
Alt H F Fchange font style
Alt H F Schange font size
Alt H L Nadd conditional formatting
Alt H Tformat as table
Alt H Jstyle cell

Insert & Layout Keys

Alt N VInsert a Pivot Table
Alt N TAppy an Excel table to the Data
Alt N PInsert a Picture
Alt N S HInsert a Shape
Alt N S CInsert Charts
Alt N IInsert a Hyperlink
Alt N Xinsert text box
Alt N Jinsert object
Alt N Uinsert symbol
Alt N HInsert a Header & Footer
Alt N Z KOpen Sparklines
Alt W V FHide/Unhide Formula Bar
Alt W V HHide/Unhide Heading
Alt W V GHide/Unhide Gridlines
Alt W Q Cchange zoom
Alt W F Ffreeze pane
Alt W Ipage break view
Alt W F Ccustom view
Alt W F Ppage layout view
Alt W Aarrange windows

Functions and Data Shortcuts

Shift + F3insert function
Alt M Rrecently used functions
Alt M Ifinancial functions
Alt M Llogical functions
Alt M Ttext functions
Alt M Edate and time functions
Alt M Olookup functions
Alt M Gmath and trig functions
Alt M Qmore functions
Alt + =auto sum
Alt M Nname manager
Alt D F Fadd filters
Alt A V Vinsert data validation
Alt A Mremove duplicates
Alt A R Arefresh all
Alt A Eopen text to column
Alt A Ggroup rows and columns
Alt A Uungroup rows and columns
Alt A Badd subtotal
Alt A S Sopen sort

My Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt H O Rrename a worksheet
Alt + F1insert the default chart

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