VBA Automation Error (Error 440)

In VBA, Automation Error (440) occurs when you try to access the automation objects (objects that are used by other applications or programming tools). It’s a run-time error that can occur while running a code. As Microsoft says, there could be the following reasons that can make this error occurs:

  1. When you let an application access an object from Excel or create an object that can be used with Excel while using a method or a property with that object this error can occur.
  2. Or you are trying to use an error that has been blocked or disabled by the system administrator.

How to Deal with Automation Error

The best way to deal with the automation error is to use the “On Error Resume Next” statement that moves to the next line of the code irrespective of the error. You can also use the Err object to get information about the source and nature of the error.

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