Excel Fill Justify to Merge Text from Multiple Cells to One Cell

Fill justify is a life saver option. The single core motive to use fill justify in Excel is to merge the data from multiple cells into a single cell.

And, if you  have any other idea to merge text into one cell, leave it. Fill justify is a better option. So today, in this post, you will learn how to merge text from multiple cells into a single cell using fill justify.

So let’s get started.

It’s one of those Excel Tips and Tricks that can help to get better at Basic Excel Skills.

Quick Intro:

Let’s take an example to understand that how can fill justify option is helpful for us to merge the data from multiple cells.

Below you have some text in three cells. But, if you look carefully the text in different cells is a single sentence. And, when we tried to combine them using merging we just got the text from first cell.

Use Fill Justify in Excel To Merger Text Into one Cell

But by using fill justfy, you can combine all the text, just like below.

Use Fill Justify in Excel To Merger Text Into one Cell

How to use

Follow these simple steps to use combine text with fill justify.

  1. First of all, make sure that the column in which your text is captured is wide enough to store the entire text into a single cell.
  2. Now, select all the cells in which text is stored.
  3. Go to Home Tab -> Editing Group -> Fill -> Justify.
  4. Now, your selected data of multiple cells is converted into a single cell.
fill justify to replace with merging option

Shortcut Key

You can also use a shortcut key to apply to fill justify: Alt ➜ E ➜ I ➜ J

Important Points

  1. You can only merge the data which is in textual form. Numbers cannot merge into a single cell using fill justify.
  2. Only 255 characters can merge into a single cell. If you have more than 255 characters, the rest of the characters will not merge into the cell.
  3. The width of the column is a very important factor while using fill justify.

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    • On scrutiny I found :
      1. Merging using this system does not work if the consecutive cells having text contents are in a row
      2. When the cells are in a column it works but up to that extent that the column with can hold data
      However thank you for this new and useful tips for merging cells.

  1. I’ve been using Excel for nearly 20 years, Puneet, yet had no idea that this feature existed. Thank you again for all you do!