How to Add Hours into Time in Excel (Formula)

Last Updated: December 01, 2023

- Written by Puneet

To add an hour value into a time value in Excel, you can use a simple and short formula where you need to specify the original time from a cell and the hour(s) value that you want to add after dividing it by the 24 (which are totals hours that we have in a day).

In the following example, we have a time value in cell A1 (12:01 AM). And here you need to add 3 hours


Formula to Add Hours in a Time

Following steps that you can use to add an hour in a time:

  1. First, refer to the cell where you have the time value (that’s A1 our example).
  2. After that, enter the sum operator and type the starting parentheses.
  3. Next, enter the hour value you want to add to the original time.
  4. Now, enter a division operator and type 24 which is the total number of hours that you have in a day.
  5. In the end, type closing parentheses and hit enter to get the result value.

The formula is quite simple. You just need to specify the original time hour value (divide it by 24).

Use Time Function to Add Time

You can also use the time function to add an hour to a time value. You can see this in the following formula.


You need to specify the original time, use the time function, and only specify the hour argument with the hours that you want to add.


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