Unhide Columns (Excel Shortcut)

Last Updated: January 10, 2024

- Written by Puneet

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In Excel, sometimes users hide some columns while working with data and miss to unhide the columns before sharing the file or hide the columns that they assume are not relevant to the receiver and share the file with hidden columns and the receiver gets the file with hidden columns.

But many times, you want to review the unhide columns and for this, you no need to worry as Excel has multiple ways to unhide the columns manually or using keyboard shortcuts.

In this tutorial, we have explained shortcut keys to unhide the columns.

Keyboard Shortcut to Unhide Columns in the Excel

There are multiple keyboard shortcuts to unhide the columns but some shortcuts to unhide columns do not work for everyone and one has to change the Excel setting to make them work, here we have captured only shortcuts that will work for everyone.



Steps to Unhide Columns Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. First, Press Ctrl + A + A to select the entire sheet to unhide all the hidden columns from the whole sheet.
  2. Or select only the specific columns range using Ctrl + Space and Shift + < or > arrow keys if you want to unhide columns only from that specific range of columns and not from the entire sheet.
  3. Once the entire sheet or specific columns range gets selected, just press the Alt → O → C → U or Alt → H → O → U → L shortcut keys, and hidden columns will get visible.