Pivot Table Keyboard Shortcuts

Last Updated: February 22, 2023

- Written by Puneet

We all love keyboard shortcuts. Right? Here I’ve listed some of the common but useful keyboard shortcuts which you can use to speed up your pivot table work.

1. Create a Pivot Table

Alt + N + V

To use this shortcut key make sure you have selected the source data or the active cell is from the source data. And if you are using the Excel 2007 version then you can use the Alt + N + V + T instead of this.

2. Group/Ungroup Selected Pivot Table Items

Alt + Shift + Right Arrow

Let say you have a pivot table with months and you want to group the first six or last six months. All you need to do it select those six cells and use this shortcut key simply.

Alt + Shift + Left Arrow

Just like you can create a group of items, this shortcut helps you ungroup those items from the group.

3. Hide Selected Item or Field

Ctrl + –

This shortcut key will simply hide the selected cell or cells. Actually, it doesn’t hide the cell but filters them which you can clear after that from the filters options.

4. Open the Calculated Field Window

Alt + D and P

In this keyboard shortcut, you need to press the keys subsequently.

5. Open Field List for the Active Cell

Alt + Down Arrow

This key opens the field list.

(Bonus) Insert a Pivot Chart from a Pivot Table

Alt + F1

To use this keyboard shortcut, you need to select a cell from the pivot table. This key inserts a pivot chart into the existing sheet.