Calculate Average of the Percentage Values in Excel (Formula)

Last Updated: November 21, 2023

- Written by Puneet

To average percentage values in Excel, you can use the AVERAGE function. Refer to the range where you have the values and then hit enter to get the result. All you need to do is that the cell where you are using this formula needs to have the percentage cell format.


In this tutorial, we will learn to write a formula for this.

Formula to Average Percentage

You can use the below steps for this:

  1. First, in a cell type =AVERAGE.
  2. Now, enter starting parentheses “(“.
  3. After that, refer to the range where you have the values that you want to calculate the average of.
  4. In the end, enter the closing parentheses and hit enter to get the result.

The moment you hit enter it returns the average of percentage values from the range.


Excel is smart enough to change the cell format to percentage when you hit enter.

Weighted Average of Percentages

Yes, you can calculate the weighted average of percentages also. Below we have the number of students who scored above the percentage slab. And now you need to calculate the weighted average of these percentage values


This formula is a combination of SUMPRODUCT and SUM.

  1. SUMPRODUCT multiplies each count of students with the percentage and then sums up all those products.
  2. SUM returns the total number of students (sum of the count of students).
  3. In the end, divide both values to get the weighted average of percentages.


You can also use AVERAGEIF for averaging percentages or create a condition to calculate the average. Let’s say you want to average values that are above 50%.


You can use the below formula:


This only considers the cells where the percentage is above 50.

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