How to Add-Subtract Week from a Date in Excel (Formula)

Last Updated: April 30, 2024

- Written by Puneet

To add or subtract a date from Excel, there is a simple arithmetic method that you can use. But, apart from that, there are a few more ways that you can use. In this tutorial, we will look at all those ways one by one.

Add a Week in a Date

In the following example, you have a date in cell A1 and now you need to add a week to the date.

  1. First, enter “=” in cell B1.
  2. Next, refer to the cell where you have the date.
  3. Now, enter “+” to add.
  4. In the end, enter 7 to add a single week to the date.

As you can see, after adding seven days to the data you got 8th Dec which is exactly one week after 1st Dec. Now if you want to want to add more than one week to a date you can multiple the 7 with that number.


In the above example, you have multiplied (7*3) to add the 21 days which is equal to 3 weeks.

Subtract Week from a Data

By the using exact same method, you can also subtract a week or multiple weeks from a date. You need to use subtract instead of addition.


And if you want to subtract more than one week from a date you can multiply 7 with that number.


Other Methods (SUM function)

There is one more method that you can use to add or subtract week(s) from a date. Instead of using an add or subtract operator, you can use the sum function.

In the following example, you have the sum function where the first argument is the date and in the second argument, we have 7 to add a week to the date.


And this is for multiple weeks.


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