Count Rows in Excel (All, Blank, Non-Blank, & with Numbers)


- Written by Puneet

There are multiple ways to count rows in Excel. But if you want to count the rows irrespective of whether data is in the cells, you can use the ROWS function.

  1. Enter the “ROWS” function in a cell.
  2. Type the starting parentheses.
  3. Refer to the range of the cells.
  4. Type the closing parentheses.
  5. Hit enter to get the result.

Count the Rows with the Non-Blank Cell

And if you want to count the rows for the cells with a value, you can use the count function.


When you hit enter after referring to the range, it returns 5, the total number of rows in the data.


Count Rows with Blank Cells

In the same way, you can also count the rows with the cell that have no data, which means the blank cells.


Once you hit enter, it returns 5, the exact number of rows with blank cells.


Count Rows with Numbers

The COUNT function needs to use to count the rows with the numbers.


The moment you hit enter, it returns 3 in the result. So as you can see, we have 5 blank cells and 5 non-blank rows. But in the non-blank rows (with value), we have only three cells with the numbers, and that’s why the result is 3.


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Last Updated: June 14, 2024