How to Count Checkboxes in Google Sheets


- Written by Puneet

In Google Sheets, when you use checkboxes, there might be situations where you need to count them. Let’s say you want to count the checkboxes that are checked or unchecked or all the checkboxes from a range of cells.

In this tutorial, you will learn a few methods to count checkboxes, depending on whether you want to count all checked, all unchecked, or both types.

Count All the Checkboxes in Google Sheets

To count all the checkboxes from a range of cells, you need to use the COUNTA function. The COUNTA is designed to count the number of non-empty cells within a specified range.

It can handle various data types, including numbers, text, dates, and even boolean values (TRUE/FALSE).

Once you enter the COUNTA in cell B1, refer to the range with the range with the checkboxes. And then hit enter to get the result.


The moment you hit enter, it returns the count of the checkboxes. In the example below, we have ten checkboxes.

You can see that some checkboxes are checked and some aren’t, and COUNTA returns the total number of checkboxes. Each checkbox is considered a non-empty cell, regardless of whether it’s checked or unchecked.

Tip – If the checkbox range expands or contracts, consider using a dynamic named range or specify the entire column.

Note: When you insert a checkbox in a cell, it returns a value according to the state of the checkbox. If a checkbox is checked, the value is TRUE; if it isn’t, it is FALSE. To count checked or unchecked, you need to use that value accordingly.

Count Checked Checkboxes Only in Google Sheets

To count check checkboxes, you need to use the COUNTIF function. In COUNTIF, you need to refer to the range and then use TRUE as a value to count.

In the above example, we have three checked checkboxes, the total number of checked checkboxes.


Count Checked Un-Checkboxes Only in Google Sheets

You want to count the number of unchecked checkboxes, you can use COUNTIF. For this, you need to use FALSE as a criterion to count the values from the range.

Entering this formula returns the count of the unchecked checkboxes in the range you specified.

Note – You can also combine these methods to count checkboxes based on additional conditions (e.g., checkboxes checked in a specific row or column) by adjusting the range you specify in the formula.

Last Updated: April 17, 2024