How to Make All Cells of Same Size in Google Sheets


- Written by Puneet

My colleague recently contacted me, seeking a quick method to make all cells in a sheet the same size. His specific need was to create a monthly social media content calendar.

Having cells of the same size helps maintain a clean, easy-to-read format, which is especially important when you want to share with others and take printouts.

After using simple steps, we were able to do that. And here in this tutorial, I have shared those steps with you so that you might use it when you need to have a straightforward look in the sheet.

Make All the Cells in Google Sheets of Same Size (Steps)

As I said, these are the simple steps which you can use:

1. Select All Rows

First, you need to select all the rows. Select cell A1 and press the keyboard shortcut Shift + Space. And then instantly hold Control + Shift and press the Down Arrow. This will select all the rows.


2. Make All Rows of Same Height

Now, you can adjust the height of all rows. Right-click on any row number to open a right-click menu. Click on “Resize rows.” In the dialog box that appears, type a height (in pixels), such as 50 pixels, and press “OK.” This will make all rows in your sheet the same height.


3. Select All Columns

Now, you need to select all the columns. Select cell A1 and press the keyboard shortcut Control + Space. And then instantly hold Control + Shift and press the Right Arrow. This will select all the Columns.


4. Make All Columns of Same Height

Now, to make all columns the same width, right-click on any column letter to open the right-click menu. Select “Resize columns,” and in the dialog box that appears, enter a width in pixels (e.g., 50 pixels) and click “OK.” It will make all columns in your spreadsheet the same width.


The moment you click OK, all the cells in the sheet have the same size, like the one we have in the below example.


Note – In Google Sheets, we have 100 rows and 26 columns be default and when you change the size of all the cells to same height and width. Google Sheets will use same size for all the newly add rows and columns.

Other Quick Method

Same thing can also be done by change the width of columns and height of the rows. Once you select all the columns use the mouse to change the width of columns. And then select the all the rows and the change the height.


Use a Google App Script to Make All the Cells of the Same Size in Google Sheets

You can also use a Google Apps Script to make all cells in a Google Sheet the same size with the same row height and column width across the entire sheet. Here’s a script that will do this for you:

function makeCellsSameSize() {
  // Set your desired row height and column width
  var rowHeight = 100;  // height in pixels
  var columnWidth = 100;  // width in pixels

  // Get the active spreadsheet and its first sheet
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var allSheets = ss.getSheets();

  // Loop through all sheets in the spreadsheet
  for (var i = 0; i < allSheets.length; i++) {
    var sheet = allSheets[i];

    // Set the height of all rows and the width of all columns in the current sheet
    var maxRows = sheet.getMaxRows();
    var maxColumns = sheet.getMaxColumns();

    sheet.setRowHeights(1, maxRows, rowHeight);
    sheet.setColumnWidths(1, maxColumns, columnWidth);

How to Run this Code

Go to Extensions > Apps Script from the menu. If there’s an existing code, you can replace it or add this code below it.


Now, paste the code into the script editor. Click the disk icon or press Ctrl+S to save.


In the end, click the play icon to execute the code. Google will ask for authorization if it’s your first time running the script. Follow the steps to allow the necessary permissions. And return to your Google Sheet to see if all cells have the specified size.

In this code, when you want to change the height and width of the cells, you can edit the variable values which I have highlighted in below.


Adjust Required When You have All the Cells of the Same Size (Wrap Text)

After making all cells of the same size, you may need to use the “Wrap Text” to ensure that long cell values fit within the resized cells.

Last Updated: May 09, 2024