How to Insert a People Graph in Excel [Step by Step]

I have been always fascinated about info-graphics and story-based visuals. These kinds of things help me to tell a story with data.A pictograph is a great example of this. But apart from this, there is a chart in Excel about which most of us are not aware.That’s called: People GraphIt was first introduced with Microsoft […]

How to Create a Sales Funnel Chart in Excel

 In this real world, everything has a process and to make that process successful we need to track each and every stage of it. Take an example of the sales. Let’s imagine, you are a sales manager and your most important KRA is to create new business. And, you have a sales process with different stages for […]

Gantt Chart Template for Project Managers

 Project managers know the importance of tracking and measuring.They always prefer to analyze their project’s progress constantly and that’s one of the major things which helps them to complete their projects on time. And for a project manager, the best tool to track a project is a Gantt Chart. Yes, a Gantt chart. A Gantt chart is one […]

Sort Horizontally in Excel

 Have you ever wondered that you can horizontally sort data in Excel? I mean, you can sort columns like you sort rows. This is a useful option to streamline columns or if you want to arrange them in alphabetic order. Want to know the best part? You just need 5 seconds for this. So today, in this post, I’d […]

How to Create a Heat Map in Excel

An excel heat map template can help you present your data in with a strong message about the conclusion. It will also help you to add some extra power in your data.

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