Convert Text To Date

 Dates play an important role when we need to analyze trends. And, this is one of the most important things which we need to capture in a right way. In Excel, the right format to insert a date is mm/dd/yyyy. That’s the basic date format which is used by Excel to store dates. Apart for this, […]

4 Quick Tips To Customize a Cell Comment In Excel

 A cell comment is like a small note which you can put add on a cell to deliver an important message. Today, I will show you how can you customize it [4 ways] to add a plus to your data presentation. Quick NavigationChange Font StyleChange Font StyleText is the major part of a cell comment and you change it’s […]

How To Use Text To Speech In Excel [An Ultimate Guide]

Text-To-Speech In Excel is an option allows you to make excel speak what you have typed in your spreadsheet. In simple words, excel will speak the text from your spreadsheet. It was firstly integrated into Excel 2002, but with some reasons it was pushed back in behind the scenes from Excel 2007. How To Activate? […]

10 Useful Tips To Customize Your New Born Pivot Table In Excel

Most of us customize our pivot tables as per requirement. Whenever we create a new pivot table, some customization is always required. Some users add calculations, customize the layout, add a report filter, etc. There are lots of options in pivot tables to make best out of it. Today I’m going to discuss ten simple, […]

How To Create Cricket Score Chart in Excel

People out there are just crazy about cricket. I am also a big fan of the game. I love to watch some of my favorite players scoring. Apart from the players who are performing on the ground, we also have some people who are performing outstanding and consistently in the entire game and in all […]