VBA ON-OFF Button In Excel

 Today, I’d like to share with your simple steps to create an on-off button in Excel. I have used this button to create a greeting card for Christmas. So, let’s start our hunt for an on-off switch/button.What Will it Do?It can help you to control two macros with one button. You can also use it to […]

5 Custom Date Formats I Always Use and You Should Too

A few days back, I have explained about how to convert text into a date. But sometimes we need to use a custom date format which is not as per standard date formats.As you know, we are blessed with custom formatting so you can create a custom date with a regular date serial number.The benefit […]

How to Create a Internet Radio in Excel

Steps to Create an Internet Radio in ExcelGo to Developer Tab -> Controls -> Insert -> Active X Control -> More Control.Select Window Media Player from the list.Now, double click on the window media player. And, By clicking on it, you will get the VB editor.Change the name of window media player to “InternetRadioInExcel”.Open your […]

DATEDIF Function

 Try to type “DATEDIF” in a cell in your worksheet, you won’t find anything listed with this name.Even if you check help system, there is nothing listed with this name.But, if you step back to the help system of the Excel 2000, you will find DATEDIF Function documented there. Well, it’s a mystery that why Microsoft […]

Convert Text To Date

 Dates play an important role when we need to analyze trends. And, this is one of the most important things which we need to capture in a right way. In Excel, the right format to insert a date is mm/dd/yyyy. That’s the basic date format which is used by Excel to store dates. Apart for this, […]