How To Use Format Painter In Excel For Quick Formatting

If you have a cell with some specific font style, having a specific background color & you want to copy that formatting to some another cell, you can use format painter to do so.

10 Useful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are awesome. By using keyboard shortcuts, you can not only increase your speed but you can also increase your efficiency and productivity. So today, I’ll show you my favorite keyboard shortcuts for Excel. You can learn these shortcuts to drive your skill to next level. And, I am sure you will love each […]

How to Use VBA MsgBox Function in Excel

The first thing which I have learned about in VBA was using a message box.You can also call it msgbox which is its actual syntax. It’s like a simple popup box on your window.If you think about a msgbox, it has two main usages in VBA as a function.Deliver a message to the user.Get a […]

VBA ON-OFF Button In Excel

Today, I’d like to share with your simple steps to create an on-off button in Excel.I have used this button to create a greeting card for Christmas. So, let’s start our hunt for an on-off switch/button.What Will it Do?It can help you to control two macros with one button. You can also use it to […]

5 Custom Date Formats I Always Use and You Should Too

A few days back, I have explained about how to convert text into a date. But sometimes we need to use a custom date format which is not as per standard date formats.As you know, we are blessed with custom formatting so you can create a custom date with a regular date serial number.The benefit […]