How to Automatically Update a Pivot Table Range in Excel

If you use pivot tables in your work frequently, I am sure you face the problem to update its source data range manually.Every time when you add new data in the source sheet you need to update the source range for the pivot table before you refresh your pivot table.Now, just imagine if you add […]

How to Create a Pivot Table from Multiple Worksheets

With a pivot table, you summarize your data within a few seconds. You can create reports, analyze data, and easily share with others.That’s the beauty of pivot tables.But here is a twist:Normally when you create a pivot table you can select source data from a single table in a worksheet as Excel doesn’t allow you […]

SUMPRODUCT IF to Create a Conditional Formula in Excel

SUMPRODUCT is one of the most important Excel functions and the best part about it is, you can modify it in several ways.And, one of its powers which I have discovered recently is using it as “SUMPRODUCT IF”.In short, a Conditional SUMPRODUCT.As you know, you can use SUMPRODUCT to multiply and sum specified ranges or […]

Top 6 Examples of using Formulas in Conditional Formatting in Excel

The best part of conditional formatting is you can use formulas in it.It has a very simple sense to work with formulas. Your formula should be a logical formula and result should be in TRUE or FALSE.If that formula returns TRUE, conditional formatting will apply and if it returns FALSE, conditional formatting will not apply.The […]

How to Automatically Add Serial Numbers in Excel

How to Automatically Add Serial Numbers in Excel Experts know the importance of serial numbers. Serial numbers are like salt. You never feel their presence but their absence makes your data tasteless. Yes they are important.Because with a serial number you can have a unique identity to each entry of your data. But the sad news is, adding […]