Unpivot Data With Power Query

 Data in a tabular form is good to use as a report format because it’s easily understandable. But the problem occurs when you need to use it for further analysis. ​In this kind of situation, you need to put some efforts and spend your precious time to make it re-usable. And to make it, re-usable the […]

Count Cells With Text

 Last week one of my readers asked me for a simple formula which he can use to count cells with text. Actually, he was trying to figure out which is the best methods he can use.In Excel, we have different formulas which we can use to count all the cells where we have text values. But […]

How to use IFERROR with VLOOKUP to Replace #N/A

While using VLOOKUP, whenever the value for which you are looking for is not there in the data you get #N/A error. In simple words, whenever VLOOKUP is not able to find the value it returns #N/A.For example, you have a list of employees name and you want to lookup for the name “John”. But unfortunately, […]

How to Convert Negative Number into Positive in Excel

Last week, I got an email from one of my subscribers with a question.You know, the thing for which he asked is a common kind of task.I am sure, this often happens with you, when you get some numeric values which are in negative, and after that, you convert them into positive.There is no #rocketscience […]

Get First and Last Word

Often we face a situation where we need to get first and last word from a cell/text string in Excel.For example, let’s say you want to extract the first name from a cell where you have both first and last names or you want to extract product name from the product description cell.We do need […]