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Today I have a very special person with me, Who has one of the best excel blogs over the internet.

Sumit is an Excel MVP and a blogger from India. An MBA in Finance from IIT Delhi, Sumit spent 6 years as a financial analyst before dedicating all his time to learning and creating Excel tutorials. He is a big time movie buff and a Barcelona FC fan.

So lets hit him with some questions.

What is the future of Microsoft Excel as a Spreadsheet program?


Excel has always been the best tool out there when it came to data entry and data reporting. With the addition of new power BI tools (Power Pivot, Power Query, Power Maps, Power Maps), in-depth and complex analysis can now easily be done in Excel. With all these new capabilities, Excel is well suited to be one the primary business intelligence tool in data-driven industries.

With all these new capabilities, Excel is well suited to be one the primary business intelligence tool in data-driven industries.

What is the meaning of trump in


I get this question all the time 🙂 I am a big fan of card games, and there is a trump card or a trump suit that is more valuable than the rest. Excel has been that Trump Card in my career.

It gave me an advantage over others. When I was looking to get a domain name, this was the only name that came to my mind, and luckily, it was available.

What is your Million Dollar Advise To VBA Beginners?


Get the basics right. If you basics are strong, you can easily build on it and get the work done.

I see so many people who get overwhelmed by all the VBA information out there. But in reality, they may never need to use 90% of it.

5 Tips for people who are struggling with their dashboards?


  • Know what you/your client wants from the dashboard. Identify the key metrics that your dashboard needs to show.
  • Divide the process into data, calculation, and dashboard. I use a minimum of three worksheets, one each for data, calculation, and the dashboard.
  • Master key functions (SUMPRODUCT, VLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, etc.).
  • Use Excel Tables. This takes care of your dashboard even when you add more data to it.
  • Focus on the results, not on making it fancy.

What is the most festive movement of your blogging age?

The fact that anybody can start a blog with very little or no investment is a blessing. With almost no entry barrier, you can test the waters and even make a living out of it.

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Thanks for your words Sumit, I want to thank you for sharing this awesome stuff.

Hey Friends, Now it’s your turn to pull up some questions. Ask your questions in the comment box below.

I hope this will help you to drive your skills to the next level.

I’ll try to catch an Excel Expert on next week for you.

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