Rahim Zulfiqar Ali


Today I have Rahim Zulfiqar Ali From ExcelBasement.org with me here. And, is a Corporate Excel Trainer In Pakistan.

So lets hit him with some questions.

What is the future of Microsoft Excel as a Spreadsheet program?


The Future is #NOW. Microsoft Excel has been changed drastically in past few years with so many new features especially with the Business Intelligence tools / add INS. The future of excel is its “USERS”.

Every product is all about their users and Microsoft is trying hard and smart to make it more efficient by introducing new features according to the industry requirements.

Future will be more likely about on “THINK OUTSIDE THE CELL” approach. Excel is a tool which gives its users FREEDOM and this freedom gives users to be more innovative and creative in excel.

Tell Us Something about your Training Sessions


: I started to teach Excel in 2010 and it’s been now more than 6 years that I am conducting various training sessions for different organizations on Microsoft Excel.

So far I have addressed in the following sessions

Basic Excel, Advanced Excel, Dashboard Reporting in Excel, PowerPivot, Leadership, Data Management, and Excel for HR Professionals & Excel for Data Analysts.

My training session includes motivational and changed based activities and participation in class.

What is your Million Dollar Advice on Dashboards


Learn Data Visualization techniques which is very important for the user who creates Dashboard reports in excel and able to create valuable Business Insights on one page for senior management.

5 Tips for VBA Beginners?


  • Learn Smartly. (Clear Concepts)
  • Create which is never been created. Helping someone in VBA takes you to explore new horizon of VBA.
  • Learn, Unlearn & Relearn so that you become more awesome in VBA.
  • Mistakes are your best friends. Don’t fear… Just face them and correct them.
  • Read some good books and blogs for VBA.

How Live Training Sessions are different from online training?


This generation has been moved on “BLENDED LEARNING CONCEPT”. Both have their own advantages and limitations. Mainly it’s all about the willingness to try the new technology options we have available. Online education is also known as distance learning and consists of taking classes via the internet. More and more students are taking online classes because of the flexibility and convenience it provides.

You can attend class sessions from the comfort of your home and complete recorded whenever it’s convenient for you. Online classes are great for individuals who have family responsibilities or lack a flexible work schedule. In addition, online classes are more cost efficient. For Live training sessions it also beneficial for the participants in various situations.

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Rahim, I want to thank you for sharing this awesome stuff.

Hey Friends, Now it’s your turn to pull up some questions. Ask your questions in the comment box below.

I hope this will help you to drive your skills to the next level.

I’ll try to catch an Excel Expert on next week for you.

  • Alex Powers

    Great interview Puneet! Thanks for sharing this tip as well Rahim: “Learn, Unlearn & Relearn so that you become more awesome in VBA.” I’ve probably learned some of Excel’s concepts 5 times over and each day find something new that I didn’t think was possible.

    • Puneet Gogia

      Yeah Alex. I like rahim’s words.

      And, please be prepare with your 5 tips. I am reaching you out soon. 🙂