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Ranks in a Pivot Table

 By using a pivot table, you can summarize your data in an understandable manner. And, that summary can help you to analyze data on category wise, product wise, month wise, etc. One of the common practices for analyzing data is by ranking them. Ranking categories and products can help you to compare them with each other. The […]

How to Automatically Update a Pivot Table Range in Excel

If you use pivot tables in your work frequently, I am sure you face the problem to update its source data range manually.Every time when you add new data in the source sheet you need to update the source range for the pivot table before you refresh your pivot table.Now, just imagine if you add […]

How to Create a Pivot Table from Multiple Worksheets

With a pivot table, you summarize your data within a few seconds. You can create reports, analyze data, and easily share with others.That’s the beauty of pivot tables.But here is a twist:Normally when you create a pivot table you can select source data from a single table in a worksheet as Excel doesn’t allow you […]

Excel Pivot Chart

 Pivot tables are close to my heart. I love to use them. But apart from this, there is one thing which I love to use. That’s ==> Pivot Chart Yes, a pivot chart. And, do you know a pivot chart is the easiest way to create a dynamic chart. Today, in this post, I’d like to share with you […]

How to Add Running Total in a Pivot Table

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a running total in a pivot table. You will also learn about different situations in which you can use it.