How To Sort Columns in Excel [Use This 5 Seconds Technique]

    sort columns in excel

    Here is the way 5 seconds way to Sort Columns In Excel in 5 seconds. Sorting columns in excel mean sorting data from left to right [horizontal direction]. This is useful when you have to streamline your data columns or you want to arrange them in alphabetic order. To sort columns in excel, all you have […]

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    Ready To Use Inventory Management Template

      Are you searching for an Excel Inventory Management Template?

      I have pleasure to tell you that here I have one of the best Excel Inventory Management Template on this planet.

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      How To Create An Excel Pivot Chart In Excel

        excel pivot chart for dynamic chart for date analysis

        Do you remember when last time you used an Excel Pivot Chart? And, do you know pivot chart is a easiest way to create dynamic charts in excel? The bad news is, most of the Excel users avoid using pivot chart in their work. But the good news is, creating a pivot chart is simple, just like a creating a […]

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        How To Create a Excel Heat Map Template [Step By Step]

          free download excel heat ma template maker

          An excel heat map template can help you present your data in with a strong message about the conclusion. It will also help you to add some extra power in your data.

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          How To Use VBA IF Statement To Write Conditions [Ultimate Guide]

            a practical guide to learn about VBA IF Statement in excel

            IF statement is one the most important parts of VBA coding. And, I am damn sure that after reading this guide, you will be able to write any type of conditional code by using this IF statement in VBA. Let me tell you something. Yesterday, I received a mail from one of my reader which […]

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            How To Quickly Repair A Corrupt Excel File [5 Quick Ways]

              5 Effective Ways To Quickly Repair A Corrupt Excel File

              Excel is extensively used by both business organizations and individuals for maintaining records or tasks. The most petrifying situation is when the file is corrupt, and the data becomes inaccessible. In this blog, we will be discussing the causes of corruption and five ways to repair a corrupt Excel File. Even a minor error can […]

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              How To Add a Running Total in a Pivot Table

                In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a running total in a pivot table. You will also learn about different situations in which you can use it.

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                How To Use Conditional Formatting In Pivot Table [Examples]

                  Apply Conditional Formatting in Pivot Table By Using Slicer

                  You know that Pivot Table is one the most important tools to analyze data. And, Conditional Formatting is useful to deliver a strong message to the user along with data. Ahead of this post, you will learn about how you can combine these two awesome tools. You will learn to apply conditional formatting in pivot table.

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                  How to Create Waffle Chart in Excel for Smart Dashboards

                    Excel Waffle Chart In Excel Using Cells Grid And Label For Percentage

                    In this post, you will learn how to create a Waffle Chart In Excel and how can you use it in your dashboards. You will also learn about benefits & limitations of it. Excel Waffle Chart is easy to create, looks good and the user can easily understand it. You can use this chart to track […]

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                    How To Use VLOOKUP Approximate Match Technique To Create Magic


                      In this post, you will learn to create a VLOOKUP Approximate Match to get values from a range. The Idea is very simple to lookup for a value & get values which are approximately matched with lookup value. In this post, I will show how to perform this VLOOKUP Approximate Match so you will able to […]

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