How Use Different Formatting in a Single Cell [Quick Tip]

Some Examples on Different Formatting In A Single Cell

Using Different Formatting In Single Cell sometimes makes a difference. While creating some awesome reports, dashboards, tables, etc. a small thing we always try to do perfectly, that is formatting. Formatting is the face of our reports. Excel gives us lots of options to makeover our spreadsheets (Font color, cell color, bold, italic, etc.). Have […]

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How To Create a Table of Content In Excel By Using VBA

To Create a table of content in excel with macro we have to use a Hyperlink.Add Function In VBA which is similar to the Excel’s Hyperlink Function. Use Hyperlinks.Add to insert a hyperlink in excel with VBA It is the part of Hyperlink collection method. Let’s have a look at Arguments of  Add.Hyperlinks : hyperlinks.Add(Anchor, Address, […]

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Sentence Case

In Excel, we have three specific functions to convert text from one case to another. Whereas there is another case for which we don’t have any function or any other option.That’s ==> Sentence CaseYou might be wondering: What sentence case actually is?Well, in sentence case, for an entire sentence, the first letter of the first […]

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How To Use Formulas In Conditional Formatting To Find New Customers From Data

Conditional Formatting is helping us from last 8 to 9 years. A well-designed Data Analysis & Presentation Tool created by Microsoft to enhance user experience. Everyone has a different way to work with Conditional Formatting. But, the good thing is that it is simple to use even it so powerful. In this post, I will use the formulas in conditional formatting to highlight new […]

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How To Insert Calculation In Pivot Table With Custom Field & Item

How To Add Calculation In Pivot Table

Using calculation in the pivot table is like a custom calculation which not exists in the source data but works like other fields. In simple words, these are the calculations within the pivot table. Excel gives us two options for calculation in a pivot table, one is calculated field & other is calculated item. In […]

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