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How To Add Leading Zeros In Excel

    how to add leading zeros in excel featured image

    You can’t add a zero before a number in excel. Whenever you try to add a leading zero, it disappears. Not matter what, how many zeros you trying to add, it will disappear. Let me tell you what’s the reason for this. In below example, I am trying to start a number with 0 but I […]

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    Automatically Add Serial Numbers In Excel

      how to automatically add serial numbers in excel featured image

      Serial numbers are an important part of data. Even every small data table in excel should have serial numbers. But, adding them manually is a pain. So, today I’ll show you 6 quick methods to automatically add serial numbers in excel. You can use any of these methods which you think is perfect for you. Table […]

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      How To Multiply In Excel Using Paste Special

        how to multiply using paste special in excel featured image

        Sometimes, you have to perform some quick calculations in excel. And, you can use paste special for these quick calculations instead of formulas. In this post, you will learn a quick tip for these calculations. I will show you how can you use paste special to quickly multiply in excel. Not only multiple but subtract, divided, and […]

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        How To Insert Bullet Points In Excel

          Bullet point list is a useful method to stay organized, but unfortunately, there is no formal method to insert bullet points in excel. We don’t have any option in excel ribbon as we have in Microsoft Word. But that doesn’t mean we can’t insert bullet points in excel. In fact, we have more than one […]

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          An Advance Guide To Use Find and Replace In Excel

            how to use find and replace in excel advance option featured image

            Everyone know that we can find and replace a text with find and replace option. But very few people know that you can use this option to an advance level. Do you? If not, then after reading this post you’ll love this tool. In this post, you will learn some useful examples to use find […]

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            How To Undo & Redo Buttons In Excel [Quick Tip]

              hidden power undo redo button quick access toolbar

              Do you know a normal excel user press Ctrl + Z (undo) & Ctrl + Y (redo), 50 times in a day while working on a spreadsheet? And, still he/she is always confused that he/she has to press Ctrl + Z (undo) or Ctrl + Y (redo). Do you know there is a smarter way for Undo & Redo? […]

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              How To Sort Columns in Excel [Use This 5 Seconds Technique]

                sort columns in excel

                Here is the way 5 seconds way to Sort Columns In Excel in 5 seconds. Sorting columns in excel mean sorting data from left to right [horizontal direction]. This is useful when you have to streamline your data columns or you want to arrange them in alphabetic order. To sort columns in excel, all you have […]

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                How To Select Non-Adjacent Cells In Excel

                  select non continues cells in excel

                  I can bet, you never heard that you can select non-adjacent cells in excel without using a mouse. To select the non-adjacent cells most of the times you use CTRL + Click. But, now it’s time to change that way. In this post, I will show you how to select non-adjacent cells in excel without using […]

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                  How Use Different Formatting in a Single Cell [Quick Tip]

                    Some Examples on Different Formatting In A Single Cell

                    Using Different Formatting In Single Cell sometimes makes a difference. While creating some awesome reports, dashboards, tables, etc. a small thing we always try to do perfectly, that is formatting. Formatting is the face of our reports. Excel gives us lots of options to makeover our spreadsheets (Font color, cell color, bold, italic, etc.). Have […]

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