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Tag Archives for " In-Cell Chart "

Sales Funnel Chart

how create a sales funnel template in excel

In this real world, everything has a process and to make that process successful we need to track each and every stage of it.Take an example of the sales.Let’s imagine, you are a sales manager and your most important KRA is to create new business. And, you have a sales process with different stages for […]

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How To Create In Cell Bar Chart With REPT Function

how to create an bar chart with rept function featured image

In-cell charts are awesome. And today, I’ll show you how to create an in-cell bar chart with rept function. But, do they really worth your time? Yes. Here is the single important reason. They are easy to create and simple to use. Ahead, in this post, I’ll show a step by step process to create a […]

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How To Create An In-Cell Gantt Chart With REPT Function

In Cell CHart With REPT Functions In Cell Gantt Chart

Creating In-Cell Charts with REPT Function is a smart move. You can use these charts in your dashboards to give a quick view to your user. I have used this text repeating formula to create an In-Cell Column Chart & a Star Rating Template. But, here I have created an In-Cell Gantt Chart for the sake of my laziness. Let me […]

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How To Create A In Cell Column Chart With REPT Function

In Cell Charting With REPT Function To Create a Column Chart

Creating an In Cell Column Chart by using the REPT Function is the second part of our in cell charting Series. Yesterday, I had used this text repetition formula to create a star rating template in excel. Basic Idea of creating a column chart with REPT Function is as simple as we create a normal column chart in excel. I have used a percentage data set to create […]

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Star Rating Template In Excel Using REPT Function [Quick Tip]

Excel Star Rating Template In Excel Using REPT Function

Here is a quick tip for you to create a star rating template in excel. To create this star rating template all you need, REPT Function. REPT Function is useful when you want to repeat a given text for a number of times. And, today we will use this formula to create this Star Rating […]

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