In this post, I’ll reveal the secret about how I use VLOOKUP And MATCH to create data for my Dynamic Charts. I’ll also tell you about reasons to use VLOOKUP And MATCH to increase the power of VLOOKUP. But before doing this let me explain you everything about the combination of these two awesome functions.

10 Powerful Double Click Mouse Tricks For Excel Power Users

Before I tell you all time favorite Double Click Mouse Tricks which I use. Let me show you that, why I am using them. If you are using Keyboard Shortcut Keys to save your time & increase your productivity, you are a smart guy. All Excel users are always eager to learn more excel keyboard shortcuts so they […]

Insert Checkbox in Excel

One of the most demanding and fascinating things for an Excel user is to create interactive things in Excel.And a checkbox is a small but powerful tool that you can use to control a lot of things by unchecking/checking it.In short: It gives you the power to make your stuff interactive.And, I’m sure you use […]

VBA To Create a Pivot Table [Macro Code]

Before I hand over this guide to you to start using VBA to create a pivot table, let me confess something.I have learned using VBA just four years back. And, the first time when I wrote a macro code to create a pivot table, it was a failure.Since then I have learned more from my […]

How to Link/Connect a Single Slicer with Multiple Pivot Tables in Excel

Sometimes using more than one pivot table is a mess.But, it’s not a mess if you connect all the pivot tables with a single slicer. So, do you know how to link a slicer with multiple pivot tables?If you don’t know then follow this post. You will learn a superb trick to create some interactive […]