How to Add Running Total in a Pivot Table

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a running total in a pivot table. You will also learn about different situations in which you can use it.

Apply Conditional Formatting to a Pivot Table

 You know that pivot table is one of the most important tools to analyze and summarize data. You can create instant reports using pivot tables. And to make it more appealing to your users, you can apply conditional formatting to a pivot table. Just look at below where I have applied conditional formatting in a pivot table to […]

How to Create Waffle Chart in Excel [Step by Step Guide]

If you one of those people who hate to use a pie chart in Excel then there is an alternative for you. Waffle Chart. A set of grids (squares of equal area) which represents the entire chart. It is also called a square pie chart.In the below example, we have a dynamic waffle chart which you can […]

How to use VLOOKUP MATCH Combination in Excel for LOOKUP

In this post, I’ll reveal the secret about how I use VLOOKUP And MATCH to create data for my Dynamic Charts. I’ll also tell you about reasons to use VLOOKUP And MATCH to increase the power of VLOOKUP. But before doing this let me explain you everything about the combination of these two awesome functions.

10 Powerful Double Click Mouse Tricks For Excel Power Users

Before I tell you all time favorite Double Click Mouse Tricks which I use. Let me show you that, why I am using them. If you are using Keyboard Shortcut Keys to save your time & increase your productivity, you are a smart guy. All Excel users are always eager to learn more excel keyboard shortcuts so they […]